What is behavior? The dead man’s test.

Behavior is essentially anything a person does. The simplest way to determine what qualifies as a behavior is to give the dead man’s test. Can a dead man do it? If he can, then it is not a behavior. Can a dead man lay still? Yes. Can a dead man not talk? Yes. Can a dead man not pay attention? Yes.

When selecting a target behavior to analyze and alter, an action that can be observed must be selected. Can a dead man get out of his seat? No. Can a dead man talk? No. Can a dead man engage in off task behavior (talking out, looking around the room, fidgeting with objects)? No.

Examples of behavior: walking, typing, singing, playing basketball, writing, analyzing, reading, eating, talking, listening, looking, getting out of seat, sleeping, brushing teeth, looking at others, eating healthy food.

Examples of non-behavior: being quiet, staying in seat, laying down, not eating junk food,

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